Aug 20

Spray Tanning Essential Tip!

Spring is just around the corner which means exposed skin! And since your body has been covered up all winter, the thought of bearing all can be daunting for some (the emerging of the white ghost lol!) So some would be keen to hide it all with a spray tan! Its quick & easy with no fuss!

Since we have just been through the winter months, our skin can still be feeling quite dry. When our skin is dry it requires more attention when prepping your skin for a spray tan. If the skin is not prepped properly, it can leave your tan looking streaky & patchy. The leg & arms seem to be the most common places for dry skin so be sure to concentrate on these areas when scrubbing. The quality of the body scrub you use is also very essential. Moroccan Tan carry a range of suitable products that can help prep your skin properly & allow you to achieve a flawless tan. Feel free to ask us how!

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